REVIEW: Kamill Hand & Nail Cream - Soft & Dry 柔皙護甲潤手霜加倍柔嫩

Key Facts
- Product Name: Kamill Hand & Nail Cream - Soft & Dry 柔皙護甲潤手霜加倍柔嫩
- Amount: 75ml
- Ingredient: 重點成份: 德國洋甘菊, 甜沒藥, 植物性甘油, 高純杏核油, 蠶絲精華

How to Use
- 有需要時塗抹雙手

What I Like
- LIGHTWEIGHT: 清爽的lotion 質地, 吸收快, 不會黏黏的, 立刻摸電話, 打電腦都不會弄成到處是油膩手指模, 而且皮膚真的變柔軟, 頗適合OL 使用.

- ORIGIN: Kamill 是德國品牌, 德國製造, 到德國就是要買潤手霜當伴手禮. 官網上說"護甲潤手霜系列是Kamill最暢銷的產品,於全球潤手霜市場銷量佔首五位", 沒想到那麼利害.
- INGREDIENT: 沒有人工色素, 不含礦物油, 不含PEG乳化劑.

What I Not so Like
- SCENT: 以前用過舊包裝的原味, 有一股怪怪的豆油味道. 現在改成新包裝, 就試買了另一款soft & dry 看看. 沒想到還是因為香味而大大影響回購意欲. 在官網上看到形容為"洋溢著歐陸的時尚香氛", 也許"歐陸"味道跟我這個東方女生不搭. 不是說難聞, 只是像人工味道, 悶悶的不算很清新, 不太合個人喜好
- MOISTURIZING & LASTING POWER: 像上面提到, 質地較清爽, 而滋潤度與持久度也相應低一點, 適合一般沒太大乾燥問題的人. 像我是"嚴重乾手人", 這一款實在不夠力啊, 挑錯款了.

Where to Buy
- 以下商戶 (HKD28 左右)
(圖片來源: 香港官網)

Emma Says
我還是比較愛另一個德國牌子Herbacin 的 Wuta Kamille Glycerine Hand Cream 洋甘菊多重強效護手霜 (相關REVIEW CLICK HERE).

3 則留言:

Kyanvi L 說...

when i was at berlin, i bought 2. as i was travelling by budget airline, didnt pay for luggage, so everything has to be hand carry. the security looked at my 'liquid bag' oddly, as i squeezed 2 bottles of these into that plastic bag with my other stuff, she kind of thought why border to take home, but then, we dont have this in uk @@

Emma CC 說...

at least it makes sense as it's not available in uk. i saw some people bought a bunch of these from europe to hong kong. but note that we DO have these products in hong kong and they are not expensive at all. that's even more weird, isn't it? XDDD

Kyanvi L 說...

totally, especially when the stuff in hk are the same as in uk.
but then, sometimes it just because of too much fake products nowadays. i even saw a couple in late 50s, shopping for garnier hair dye, eye roll on, etc in boots. i saw her shopping list. it was a printed list with photos(frount and side) of the products, i just guessed the couple dont know english and their children ask them to bring those things back.